Thursday, July 21, 2016

14 December 1946

My great aunt on my fathers side, she was 81 when she died.
A cutting from the Bath Chronicle newspaper.

In 1930 she was mentioned in the same paper.
 A high honour has been conferred upon Miss Elizabeth Mary Butler, of Draycott, Newbridge Hill, daughter of the late councillor A.H. Butler. Miss Butler has been made a life member of the Red Cross Society and is the 100th person to be thus distinguished. The Royal Red Cross was instituted as a decoration by Queen Victoria by royal warrant of 23 April 1883 for award to ladies who showed special devotion while nursing the sick and wounded of the Army and Navy.

In November 1915, the Royal Red Cross was expanded to two classes: First Class, or Member (RRC); and Second Class, or Associate (ARRC).In 1917, arrangements were made for Members of the First Class who perfomed further outstanding services to be awarded a bar.

The decoration was specifically extended to the Nursing Services of the Royal Air Force in 1920 and to men in 1977. Award is now restricted to members of the Nursing Services of the Armed Forces and properly constituted Auxiliary Nursing Services working under Armed Forces control.

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