Monday, August 17, 2015

Henry Gerald Seymour BUTLER

My dad was born 18 August 1904 in Croydon. 

That's him on the left, his brother Ted is on the right.
He went to Bristol Grammar School in 1919 for a short time.
He travelled to Jamaica in 1927, '28 & '30

In 1934 he was the manager of a shoe shop, having served his time in his fathers shop in Bath.

He married my mother Cecily Maud Beck on 2nd June 1934.
When the 2nd world war began he enlisted in the Royal Artillery, and served in India as a Regimental Sergeant Major.

On leaving the army he became a 'butler' to a number of high class people.
When we came out to Australia in 1969 he went back to the shoe trade.
He died on the 27th January 1992.
For more on the history of the Butler Family click here.

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